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About Us

Soft drinks, Ice creams, Pepcee, Choco-Bar, Cold Drinks, Ice Candies, Milk Products, Cakes & what not ???

The names itself spreads a yummy smile on your faces, right ??? Especially if you are in these business!!! We know exact what you are thinking & here we are, to cater your requirements & to pamper your taste buds . . . .

The firm A. K. BHAVNAGARWALA & Co., located in the heart of Jalgaon city, has seen many changes since it was establishment on 30–11–1950. Established by Abbasbhai Khanbhai Bhavnagarwala with his father Khanbhai Sk. Esmailji, the beginning was tough. But we know the exact meaning of hard work. Our aim is to achieve our mission which is to be a renowned name, to be the best service provider, to introduce best quality at minimum rates & give name & fame to the “A. K. GROUP” for its honesty.

We lead the Aerated Soda Water & Soft Drinks industry with all types of Dispensers & Soda Water Machinery of nearly all the renowned brands in India along with all types of Bottle Washing Machines, Syrupper Machines & Water Treatment Equipments. Brand name private printing of Glass Bottles, Plastic Crates & Crown Corks, everything is available. Readymade Formulas for syrup are also available along with all branded company’s Flavours, Food Colours & Emulsions. In the field of Soft Drinks, we also provide expertise & technical guidance. Once you join us, we can help you establish your unit & start production within 48 hours on turnkey basis.

For Choco-Bar & Ice Candy, you get right from Ice Boxes to Hand Carts & Thermacol Boxes to Kulfi Store & Dabbas. You also get Essence & Food Colours of nearly all renowned brands available in India. Wooden Stick, Candy Cover, Choco-Bar Box & Sancha Moulds are also available along with Choco Paste & Slabs, Oil, Saccharin, Citric Acid & other products. Churners of various models are also available. These Churners are also used for Ice Cream. Ice Cream Freezers of different brands are also available with us. Best quality Ice Cream Cones are available with other products like Custard Powder, Corn Flour, G.M.S. Powder, Starch Powder, Milk Powder, Stabilizer, Emulsifier, Food Preservative, Mango Pulp, etc. EKTA brand Galvanise Thermos & Square Boxes & other products are available only at our counter. Ice cream related Plastic & Paper Cups, Ice Cream Cutters & Scoops, etc. are also available.

For Pepcee business, we offer hand operated, foot operated & fully automatic Pepcee Machines. Pepsi Tube & Auto Film are always ready for which party printing facility is also available. All good quality Flavours, Food Colours, S.D.C. Mixture & related raw material along with Ice Boxes & Store Peti are available. We have started our own manufacturing of EKTA brand fully automatic FFS Pepcee machines at our factory A. K. INDUSTRIES, located at Jalgaon.

For Dairy, Hand & Electric operated Cream Separators & Fat Testing Centrifuge are available with all small equipments required for a Dairy. And in Bakery line, we offer Bread Improvers, Vanilla Powder, Saccharin, Icing Sugar, Baking Powder, Jams, Liquid Colours, Flavours, S.M.P., chocolate paste, G.M.S. Flakes & Powder, Cake Gel, Ammonia Bi Carbonate, Sodium Benzoate, Calcium Propionate, etc. Apart from these industries, you can rely on us for Water Treatment Equipments, Ice Gola Crushers, Ice Katka Machines, Lassi Machines, Fruit Juicers, Pista Cutters, Candy Floss Machine, Heat Sealers, Glass Foil sealers & many more related items & their requisites.

At the Bhavnagarwala’s, you will find sweet people, spreading sweet smiles, with their sweet products! We always try to provide you with what you seek for your business. You name it . . . we have it, all you need... & satisfaction...everything under one roof. We cherish to be associated with good & big names & we can proudly add that our customers also have the same feelings.

This is what is known as “A. K. GROUP”

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